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About Us

Established in year 2011, 无锡航一机械有限公司 Wuxi HY Machinery Co., Ltd., current factory production area about 3500m2, WUXI HY MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a professional & experienced manufacturer of weighing bagging, palletizing and conveying equipment. With the core R&D capacity and professional team, with the business philosophy of Focus, Specifically, Better and Stronger, we are growing as an professional Scientific and technological enterprises of materials packaging, palletizing and conveying systems, and also provides a series of continuable solutions for the materials packaging, conveying, storage, etc.

The challenges our clients encountering every day are our challenges too. This is why we have been producing customized automatic packaging solutions since foundation, allowing users to do the packaging of the most difficult materials. Our main products are including full automatic packing machine, automated bagging machine and palletizing line, containerised bagging system, super sack filler, jumbo bag filling machine, FIBC bag filler, valve bag filling machine, flow meter, automatic batching system, telescopic chute, conveyors and dust collector, etc. Our equipment are mainly & widely used in grains, seeds, perlite, calf meals, building materials, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizers, sulphate chemical, coal chemical, metallurgy, port logistics, storage warehouse, fine chemicals, food and feed industry, plastic industry, etc.

As an experienced automatic packaging equipment manufacturer & packaging solution provider in China for decades, we aim for higher working efficiency, lower operation cost, reducing the work intensity and improving the working environment, we aim for innovation and research, flexible and able to respond to the demands of a competitive and evolved market. We are working to create a better tomorrow with you all the time, supplying you with machinery for automatic weighing, bagging and palletising as well as reliable and durable complete lines. Every packaging solution is unique and customized, arising from a close collaboration with the client. Because our expertise is dedicated to improving your work. As a packaging industry pioneer, we Wuxi HY Machinery Co., Ltd. have consistently adapted to our customers’ changing needs and are always ready to meet industry trends. Contact us by info@hybagger.com, we Wuxi HY Machinery Co., Ltd. will be pleased to support you at any time.