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Containerised Bagging System

Containerised Bagging System, Mobile Bagging Unit, Mobile Containserized Bagging Unit, produced by Wuxi HY Machinery Co., Ltd.
Product Description

Containerised Bagging System, Mobile Bagging Unit, Containerised Bagging Machine, Mobile Containserized Bagging Unit, produced by 无锡航一机械有限公司 Wuxi HY Machinery Co., Ltd.


The Containerised bagging system Mobile Bagging Unit is a specially designed and constructed bagging unit housed in two(2) standard size ISO 20ft steel container measuring 20’ x 8’ x 8’6” (LxWxH).

The Containerised bagging system contains two side by side bagging lines. Each bagging line is designed to provide bagging at a speed of up to 12-15 bags per minute per line for 50 kg bags. Actual performance will depend on the type of product that is bagged, the speed at which the equipment is fed with product, the efficiency of the operators and how quickly the bagged cargo is taken away from the machine. Produced by Wuxi HY Machinery Co., Ltd.

It’s designed optional functions with TRUCK LOADING CONVEYORS & SUSPENSION SYSTEM, air compressor, dust collector, air container, Internal and external flood lights for 24hr operations, Moving and steering systems, etc. Contact us by info@hybagger.com, we Wuxi HY Machinery Co., Ltd. will be pleased to support you at any time.

As for containerised packing machine, movable bagging, we suggest this containerised bagging system.

Ideally, if make a stand alone containerised bagging system including hopper that will stand aside bulk vessels at the port.Free flowing fertilizers, grains, rice, sugar, etc. will be fed into the hopper from the ship will be packed into PP or paper bags (sewn top after filling) and then fed onto a conveyor belt into waiting lorries. Produced by Wuxi HY Machinery Co., Ltd.



The containerised bagging system is designed to handle maximum 20 bags per minute per line of 50 kg bags.


The fully electronic, double weighing system has been approved and certified for accuracy by The National Weights and Measures Authority. The system can give accurate weights ±0.2 %FS ~±0.5%FS.


During a typical bagging operation the containerised bagging machine (running both lines) can be operated in a safe and efficient manner by the following personnel:

Supplying Bags 1 Person

Weighing (Bag Clamp) 2 Persons

Stitching 2 Persons

Total 5 Persons

The number of personnel required can vary depending on the specific bagging operation but the above guidelines are sufficient for the majority of operations.


The containerised bagging system is designed for the flowing fertilizers, grains or other granules and very ideally suitable to the handling of granular fertilizers, cereals rice, sugar, pulses & beans, etc., customized design.

Technical Parameter

Model: LCS-HYC series

Weighting Range: 25~50kg, customized

Accuracy: within ±0.2%

Capacity: 1000-2000bags/hour

Power Supply: AC110-240V/220-600V, 50/60Hz, 1/3P, customized made as per user's local electrical system

Power: 1.1~5.5 kW, depends on packing speed capacity & materials features.

Air Resource: 0.4~0.6 Mpa ( 0.2m3/min air consumption)

Bag Belt Conveyor Dimension: 3000*400mm, customized design.


Your benefits due to our experience:

1) Clean bag filling

Due to product-specially chosen filling spout with all-side clamping jaws

2) Space saving

Due to compact machine design

3) Cost saving

Due to stable operation and low maintenance costs

4) Easy handling

Due to easy and intuitive operational menu with “weight input” “weight display” “time display”

Due to clear operator guidance, easy cleaning and maintenance

5) High weight accuracy: ±0.2%

Due to coarse and fine flow filling controlled by one frequency-change screw’s (auger’s) rotating speed

Due to the use of the Touch screen or METTLER TOLEDO weighing controller and high reliable load cell sensors

6) Good product protection

Due to project-specially selected bag closure, e.g. sewing, welding or hot-melt sealing.

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